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Stuffs XXI

  • My friends know: when I'm feeling restless, worthless, and other-less (aw), I like planning trips and itineraries. Knowing what I know now, it's an attempt to visualize space and distance and perspective. Then someone alerted me to a Cebu Pacific promo and voila! I am headed to Cagayan de Oro in October. Have alerted Philline! Excited! Whee! Although:
  • Booking for one. The story of my life.
  • On second thought, maybe should've checked academic calendar first. Hope no finals stuff scheduled. Speaking of which, the three workshop classes I have this sem have decided to play a trick on me, i.e., pegging all workshop slots/submissions on August 5. Awesome. Hoping for a three-tracked mind.
  • A poem:

    The Garden
    Louise Glück

    I couldn’t do it again,
    I can hardly bear to look at it—

    in the garden, in light rain
    the young couple planting
    a row of peas, as though
    no one has ever done this before,
    the great difficulties have never as yet
    been faced and solved—

    They cannot see themselves,
    in fresh dirt, starting up
    without perspective,
    the hills behind them pale green,
    clouded with flowers—

    She wants to stop;
    he wants to get to the end,
    to stay with the thing—

    Look at her, touching his cheek
    to make a truce, her fingers
    cool with spring rain;
    in thin grass, bursts of purple crocus—

    even here, even at the beginning of love,
    her hand leaving his face makes
    an image of departure

    and they think
    they are free to overlook
    this sadness.
  • Packed day tomorrow. Raket in Makati at 9, then class at 1 until 7, then Philline in Katips/everywhere else until 5 the following day. Worse, will be in corporate attire the whole time, unless get the energy to haul nice shirt, shorts, and tsinelas (highly doubt it).
  • Alan asked about plans for second sem and mind was blank. Oh no, are we back to direction-less malingering? I thought-- Need compass. Or paperweight. Or another. So sad.

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