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Kiligz powhz.

Beautiful night; the poet whose collection I did my final paper on not only asked for my number, she asked me to send her my paper, and, upon leaving, approached me to say goodbye and make beso. A couple hours earlier, newly arrived Kat was like, "Hello! 'Di ba ikaw si Mabi David?" HAHAHAH. Starstruck! Tongue-tied. She was so nice! Calm, calm. Also: new literary crush, but will shut up about that. After Ilyong's, went over to fetch Alaysa for celebratory yogurt because Ninotchka Rosca commented on her status on Facebook. Then went over to watch Norwegian Wood with Alan. Bought pan de sal with chunky peanut butter. Beautiful night! Thanks for the company, Tin!

Thanks for the beer, and good luck, Chingbee!

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