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#occupythepage, The 2011-2012 Philippine Collegian Anthology Call for Submissions

At a time when revolutions are born in cyberspace and global thought is summarized in hashtags, the artist is in limbo: empowered by a supposed democratization of culture but now rendered more placeless (useless?) than ever. And in the advent of a worldwide expression of rage against greed, who else but the artist must sound the alarm?

The Philippine Collegian, the official weekly student publication of UP Diliman, is now accepting submissions for its upcoming literary folio. Short fiction, poems, essays, and graphic fiction in English and Filipino are welcome. We are also accepting photographs and artworks.

Email your submissions as an attachment (.rtf for texts and .png or .jpeg for images, at least 300 dpi) with a short bionote to or bring them to our office, Room 401 Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman. The deadline for submissions is March 15.

PS. Marjo and I will be editing! With some help from Jayson Fajarda and Caloy Piocos. Submit!
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    From here.

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    I miss you, LJ. :) I think I will go back to you soon, prodigal son-, player who eventually settled-style.

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    If you know any Collegian alumnus who might be out of the loop: More than writing Was bullied by Melane to come up with something, to boost…

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